Autism Health Passport

Hospitals are unsettling environments for most people. They’re associated with a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. For myself, they also mean piercing bright lights, pungent smells, headache-inducing electrical buzzing and beeping sounds from machines and too many people rushing down corridors. In my previous experience there has rarely been a calming moment in a hospital …

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Interview with Learn From Autistics

If you would like to read my recent interview with Jenna Gensic from Learn from Autistics please click here.

Autism – Adult Services

Autism is a lifelong disability; Autistic children grow into Autistic adults. Autism is a spectrum condition, meaning that every Autistic person, and their needs, are different. A handful of Autistic people may have a coinciding learning disability and require 24-hour care. Some Autistic people may need a few hours of guidance at home each week …

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A Kind of Spark – Elle McNicoll

The lack of ASD inclusive characters in books is notable. Children's books very rarely address our existence and neither do adult fictions. I love reading and often devour books. I am always on the lookout for stories where I am represented. The first book I read with an Autistic character as the lead was The …

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Autism and Allergies

The potential link between Autism and allergies is a subject which I find very interesting. Three members in my family are Autistic and all of us also suffer with asthma and allergies – nuts, dogs, dust, pollen, kiwi and tomatoes to name only a few! I am always interested, yet not surprised, when I hear …

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