One thing which I really struggled to get my head around - and I still find a struggle - is cooking. I was lucky growing up that my Mum took on the job of preparing and cooking us healthy meals 3 times a day. This meant that for a long time I didn't have to …

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Autism Awareness training contribution

I wrote the below poem which has been chosen to be included in my local council's Autism Awareness training programme. I feel a sense of real achievement when my campaigning gets acknowledged, it encourages me to keep speaking openly about my life experiences as an Autistic adult. I aim to continue documenting my journey; this …

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From an Autistic Point of View

This month's post is slightly different. Megan, who is the author of the blog 'From an Autistic Point of View' reached out to me and asked if we could collaborate. I read a few of her blog posts and was confident that we were both trying to achieve the same outcome from our posts; raising …

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Autism Health Passport

Hospitals are unsettling environments for most people. They’re associated with a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. For myself, they also mean piercing bright lights, pungent smells, headache-inducing electrical buzzing and beeping sounds from machines and too many people rushing down corridors. In my previous experience there has rarely been a calming moment in a hospital …

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Interview with Learn From Autistics

If you would like to read my recent interview with Jenna Gensic from Learn from Autistics please click here.