Interview with Learn From Autistics

If you would like to read my recent interview with Jenna Gensic from Learn from Autistics please click here.

Autism – Adult Services

Autism is a lifelong disability; Autistic children grow into Autistic adults. Autism is a spectrum condition, meaning that every Autistic person, and their needs, are different. A handful of Autistic people may have a coinciding learning disability and require 24-hour care. Some Autistic people may need a few hours of guidance at home each week …

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A Kind of Spark – Elle McNicoll

The lack of ASD inclusive characters in books is notable. Children's books very rarely address our existence and neither do adult fictions. I love reading and often devour books. I am always on the lookout for stories where I am represented. The first book I read with an Autistic character as the lead was The …

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Autism and Allergies

The potential link between Autism and allergies is a subject which I find very interesting. Three members in my family are Autistic and all of us also suffer with asthma and allergies – nuts, dogs, dust, pollen, kiwi and tomatoes to name only a few! I am always interested, yet not surprised, when I hear …

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New Beginnings

Everyone struggles with change. It is an innate characteristic of human beings. We are creatures of habit and routines whether we realise it or not. Being on the Autistic Spectrum means that, as is the case with most things, our inability to cope with change is heightened. Change to routine can be a big disturbance …

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