Top Autism Bloggers 2020

I am honoured to receive recognition for my blog as one of Twinkl’s top Autism blogs of 2020. It means so much to know that these posts are helping people gain knowledge and understanding on the condition. I love hearing from those who relate to my posts, especially when my posts have helped someone feel a little less lonely in their experiences – this was always my main hope and reasoning behind starting this blog. Thank you to all who read.

I haven’t had much motivation this year; my inspiration’s been running on low with the world losing its mind, etc.

I am aiming to put a lot more love into this blog next year and give it some much needed attention. Hopefully, you will hear from me a lot more in 2021.

Until then, I wish everyone a lovely Christmas and fingers crossed for a more ‘normal’ new year! xx

One thought on “Top Autism Bloggers 2020

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