An Autistic Christmas

The streets are filled with cheer

That’s what they say

Unbearable noise is all I hear

Making it harder than the normal day


Look at the pretty lights

Over there on the tree

It’s a painful sight

For no one but me


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The phrase I hear them mutter

Then why am I filled with such fear

Reluctant to enter the shops, they’ve all become such a clutter


Too much noise, too much fuss

Decorations making the world too bright

Can no one see this but us

Our opinion denied, told we’re not right


To celebrate this holiday as we’re expected

To me it does not appeal

No one giving a thought as to how we’re affected

How overwhelmed we feel


A quiet Christmas is best for me

No loud eccentric music, dimmed lights on the tree

I ask the public to consider and see

That this is Christmas for autistic me

4 thoughts on “An Autistic Christmas

  1. Karen McCabe

    Thank you for writing this beautiful poem. My daughter had autism and this poem makes it so much easier for people to understand what she sees and feels at this time of year. You are an inspiration x

    Liked by 2 people

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