Life update

I haven’t posted in SO long. I have taken on a lot the past few weeks and for my own well-being my blog sadly had to take a back seat.

I began a college course, embarked on a new career, started tap dancing lessons, turned 22 years old and have been training to run a 10K race.

I have had no time to dedicate towards writing a decent piece for you to read. I could have used my ‘down time’ to write an installment however, I used my better judgement and knew it was important to use my down time to do nothing but rest and reccuperate – I think I have finally learnt my lesson; self-care is priority.

I have completed all my assignments for my college course so I now have time spare to write my blogs. I intend to write every two weeks with my first one published this Wednesday.

Speak to you soon, Billie-Jade

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